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Why does my baby suddenly hate the bath?

Bathing is an ideal method to begin or end your child’s day. It not only makes your baby clean but also makes him feel relaxed.

Sprinkling around, playing with bubbles, soaking in the warm water, that’s what shower time is all about for your baby. Right? But sometimes babies get irritated and suddenly start hating taking baths.

So, why does the baby suddenly hate the bath?

There could be several reasons behind it, amongst them the fear of getting soap inside the eye, uncomfortable, too cold or too hot bath water, hungry and tired are the most common one.

In the progress of the post, we will dive in more dip on causes and remedies, why babies suddenly start hating baths?

Why do Babies suddenly start hating the bath?

If you are thinking that why babies start to get irritated and annoyed whenever having a bath, then you are at the right place! 

Here you will get to know all the possible reasons for it and also the best possible solutions to those problems.  

Following may be the reasons why your baby isn’t comfortable while getting into the water:

Hyper Awareness of their surroundings

A fear of bathing (called ablutophobia) and water, it seems, may be a quite common toddler phobia, and typically shows up around ages 1-2. 

There’s a justification for that: During these long periods of fast cerebrum development, little children create what seems like hyper-awareness of their environmental factors. Their cerebrums are illuminating with new data.

Search for the reason why your baby hates bath

Identifying the source of the fear can assist you to find ways to deal with the difficulty.

For example, if your child reacts fearfully when you’re filling the bathtub, the sound of rushing water could also be the culprit. 

Fear of getting soap in eyes

Selecting the proper soap for your toddler is crucial. Soaps can cause skin irritation, or the baby may have fear of entering soap into the eye.

Look for soaps that are designed for babies if they need them. Kids have an honest memory for pain and it only takes one soapy, teary experience for them to require to avoid bath time altogether.

Uncomfortable Bathing Area

Things that may seem immaterial to us are often an explanation for concern for the babies. The temperature of your hand once you hold the baby, the space temperature within the bathroom, the presence of dust, allergens within the bathing area can all cause the baby to get irritated and successively beginning to hate bath time.

Fear of Water sound

The sound of rushing water may horrify babies which can be a cause of the bathing phobia and disliking taking baths.

The sound of water pouring into the bathtub is a sensory issue that can affect babies If a baby is sensitive to a noisy environment then you must check if the bath environment has something that can trigger him.

Parents don’t always realize that their children may have some sensory issues.

The right temperature of the water

Newborns are sensitive to variations in temperature and water that’s too cold or too hot can make them instantly uncomfortable.

Maybe this is a common reason for babies to hate bathing. Body temperature, which is around 37 degrees Celsius is the best temperature to bathe your baby.

Your baby won’t enjoy bathing if he is hungry

Your baby might cry if he/she is hungry.

He will surely enjoy bathing if you try bathing them after they’ve had a feed or something to eat.

Wait half an hour after they’ve eaten, so that that they had an opportunity to digest their food.

The baby is already tired

While bathing should relax the kid, it very well may be counter-profitable if the child is as of now excessively drained and prepared to rest, particularly if the shower routine is not long before sleep time.

By the time you’ve run their bath and got everything ready, they’ll be looking for their bed. If you think that this might be the case, try starting the bedtime routine a touch earlier.

Solution for overcomming bathing fear on baby

Why does my baby suddenly hate the bath?

Give your Child a Water Massage

If your child doesn’t just like the idea of splashing water, you’ll gently massage him with water so that he doesn’t feel frightened.

Gently massage his hair and check out to not let the water get into his eyes.

Make her bath part of an overall ritual

A bath followed by a massage and a story then snuggles before sleep. This technique is very useful.

The baby might not just like the bath, but once he realizes it’s a part of your nightly ritual, he’ll accept it to urge to the message and story.

Use Toys to Distract your Child

Fill the tub with water and the child’s favorite plastic toys. Let him play with his toys and while he is, bathe him. This may sound self-evident,

However, try using new toys or the staple of shower time, bubble shower, to captivate them back into the tub, or attempt these fun and simple science exercises.

The goal is to make a child understand that washing is certainly not a serious deal yet a treat.

Make sure baby isn’t hungry or tired

It is essential to feed the baby and await half-hour to 45 minutes before showering him to permit the food to urge digested.

The baby should not be hungry and tired as it can annoy the baby more and make the baby hate the bath.

Right Temperature of water:

The ideal temperature for your baby’s bath is between 37 degrees C and 38 degrees C, which is around blood heat.

Use your elbow instead of your hand to check it, as your elbow is going to be more sensitive. If you’re still unsure, use a bath thermometer.

Create a friendly environment:

Why does my baby suddenly hate the bath?

You must create a cozy nice environment so that the baby feels relaxed and doesn’t get scared of bathing.

The bathtub, toys, bathing room, temperature, sounds, and everything makes an environment. So you should be careful about your little one

Final Verdict

I hope you are now well aware of all the baby’s fears regarding bathing and their solutions. Being lowered down into the water with no prior warning is enough to make anyone get a shock, Isn’t it?

So when your child is afraid of the bath, it’s best to take his fear seriously and not force him into the bath when he’s upset.

It’s necessary to treat a baby’s bathing fear with care, affection, and empathy. Spend quality time with your little one and make bathing time a chance for making a beautiful bond with the baby. 

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