League of Legends themed baby shower

League of Legends themed baby shower ideas

A League of Legends themed baby shower is an exciting and unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new little summoner into the world of gaming. Whether you’re a fan yourself or celebrating the parents-to-be who are avid gamers, organizing a League of Legends baby shower can be a blast. Let’s explore some creative ideas to infuse the League of Legends theme into every aspect of the baby shower.

Introduction to League of Legends Themed Baby Shower

Welcoming a baby is a momentous occasion, and for gaming enthusiasts, a themed baby shower adds an extra level of fun and excitement. A League of Legends themed baby shower brings together elements from this popular multiplayer game, creating a memorable and enjoyable event.

Theme and Décor

Setting the Theme: League of Legends Decorating the venue with League of Legends characters, symbols, and game-related elements sets the perfect ambiance for the occasion. Incorporate banners, balloons, and wall decals featuring champions like Teemo, Ashe, or Ezreal.

Decorations and Color Scheme Choose a color scheme that resonates with the game. Vibrant hues like blue, red, and gold, inspired by the game’s interface, can adorn tablecloths, napkins, and centerpieces.

Invitations and Games

Creative Invitations Design digital or printed invitations using League of Legends graphics and fonts. Add playful wording, such as “Summoning All Guests!” or “Join the Party in the Summoner’s Rift!”

Fun and Engaging Games Engage guests with League of Legends-inspired games like trivia quizzes, guessing games related to champions or game lore, or even a mini-tournament of ARAM (All Random All Mid) with baby-related prizes.

Food and Treats

Gaming-Themed Snacks Prepare snacks named after in-game items or champions. “Teemo’s Cupcakes,” “Sona’s Sonata Sweets,” or “Dragon Buff Buffet” could add a gaming twist to the menu.

League of Legends Cake and Desserts A League-themed cake or desserts decorated with characters or symbols from the game will be a highlight. Fondant champions or a map of Summoner’s Rift can make a delightful cake topper.

Favors and Gifts

Unique Party Favors Offer guests League-themed party favors like custom keychains, miniature figurines of champions, or game-inspired goodie bags.

Special Gifts for Guests or Parents-to-Be Show appreciation to guests or parents-to-be with gifts like League of Legends merchandise, baby clothes with game references, or gaming gift cards.

Dress Code and Costumes

Cosplay and Dressing Up Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite champions or in gaming-related attire to add a vibrant gaming atmosphere.

Costume Contest or Showcase Hold a costume contest or showcase where guests can flaunt their creativity in representing League of Legends characters.

League of Legends Baby Shower Activities

Crafting Stations or DIY Activities Set up stations for crafting baby-related items or creating League-themed crafts like baby mobiles or onesie painting with game motifs.

Themed Photo Booths or Props Provide League-themed photo booths or props, allowing guests to capture memorable moments in the Summoner’s Rift.


A League of Legends themed baby shower opens up a world of creativity and fun for gaming enthusiasts. Infusing the event with elements from this beloved game will ensure an entertaining and memorable celebration for everyone involved.


  1. Q: Can I host a League of Legends baby shower if not all guests are familiar with the game?
    • A: Absolutely! The theme can still be enjoyable, offering a unique and playful ambiance.
  2. Q: Are there specific invitations available online for a League-themed baby shower?
    • A: Yes, several online platforms offer customizable templates for gaming-themed invitations.
  3. Q: How can I make the party engaging for non-gamers attending the baby shower?
    • A: Include a mix of general baby shower games and keep the theme decorations while avoiding overly specific game references.
  4. Q: What if I’m unsure about the parents-to-be’s favorite champions?
    • A: You can opt for more general game elements like summoner spells, map themes, or gaming items for decorations and activities.
  5. Q: Where can I find League-themed party favors?
    • A: Online stores specializing in gaming merchandise or local specialty shops may offer a variety of League of Legends-themed favors.


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