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How to clean kitchen sink for baby bath

    When I first heard that we could bathe newborn babies in the kitchen sink, I was shocked. There might be lots of places you could give a bath to your baby quickly.

    However, bathing a baby in a sink is one of the best-improvised ideas as well when it comes to giving bath babies comfortably.  

    If you are using a baby bathtub, you might end up stressing your body while bathing your baby by kneeling or squatting in the ground.

    But bathing a baby in the kitchen sink prevents that kind of stress; you will feel comfier and more effortless in a standing position. 

    So, before commencing bath, how to clean kitchen sink for baby bath?

    It is essential to clean the sink before bathing the baby if you use the sink for kitchen activities. Use hot water to rinse out the sink basin, and sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the sink and around all the corners up and sides. If you don’t have baking soda, you could use baby bath care products to clean the sinks.  

    How to clean kitchen sink for baby bath

    To keep your baby healthy and clean, it is mandatory to use safe and clean places while bathing the baby. Before washing a baby in a sink, we must clean the sink, and you might be wondering how to clean the kitchen sink for a baby bath?

    Let’s dive into some tips and tricks about preparing a clean kitchen sink for baby baths?

    Sink Cleaning Tips

    Kitchen sinks are perfect for baby baths with parents’ ideal height, no bending and stress to the body.
    However, kitchens are the most contaminated place than the bathrooms.

    If you wish to bathe your baby in the kitchen sink, you must clean before starting bathing. Here are some tips that we could follow;

    How to clean kitchen sink for baby bath
    • First of all, make a safe place by clearing up all the dishes from the sink area so that you could play around without any hazard.
    • Use hot water to rinse out your basin area and drain well.
    • Use baking soda and a mixture of vinegar that might help you to clean your sink.
    • To prevent irritation on the baby’s skin, do not use chemicals products to clean the sink; if you use them, then rinse out thoroughly the sink before putting a baby.
    • Once you finish bathing your baby, make sure to clean and rinse out your sink before starting the dishwashing.

    How to clean with baking soda and vinegar?

    If your sink has a delicate surface like copper or enamelled cast iron, then clean it using a mild dish soap mix with water that will do a perfect job.

    Baking soda and followed by vinegar work for more challenging sinks like stainless steel.
    I will take you through a simple and easy step by step guideline on how can you clean your kitchen sink to prepare for your baby bath;

    How to clean kitchen sink for baby bath
    • Clear your sink area and rinse out all the specks of dirt and food chunks, making it accessible to workspaces.
    • Take a baking soda and sprinkle the entire sinks, bottom and side to side, using a damp sponge or wet piece of cloth to avoid scratching your sink.
    • Now time for using vinegar; pour enough vinegar all over the sink to dissolve the baking soda, and it picks up any greases or grim.
    • To rinse out baking and vinegar, use warm water; it helps to dissolve even better. Use the cup to rinse out the top of the sink area.
    • Do not let it dry up your sink with baking soda and vinegar because it might leave streaks.
    • Use a clean cloth to dry your sink and wipe down, ensuring that all areas of your sink are now clean and dry.


    Many people believe that the kitchen sink is the perfect place to bathe a baby when small. I am not sure, and I really don’t recommend you should also use the sink as part of the bath place.

    Because this place is one of the germiest areas in the entire house, it doesn’t matter how often you clean or well clean before bathing a baby; there will always be some sorts of germs.

    So, bathing a baby in a tub or the shower might be the best idea to keep your baby safe and clean. 

    Have you ever used the kitchen sink for bathing your baby? Share your tips on how you clean the sink before starting to give a bath to your baby.


    Is it safe to bathe a baby in kitchen sink?

    Kitchen sink in one of the germiest place entire house. However, if you clean and sanitized well then it safe to bathe according to many parents experiences and online website advises.

    How long can you bathe baby in sink?

    Since the kitchen sinks are small and confined place, it doesn’t design to bathe a baby. However, many people are improvising as a bathtub and they are enjoying it.

    You can bath your baby as your baby size or as long as your baby fits in the sink and once he/she outgrows shift to the regular bathtub or big bathtub.

    Can you bathe newborn in sink?

    For the first few weeks bathing in the sink might be the easiest way to give a bath to your newborn as long as your sink is well cleaned and sanitized.

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