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How to clean baby bathtub

When it comes to the question of how to clean baby bathtub? Some people may find it pretty simple and straightforward, and they get quick clean after their baby bath. It helps so much when you do deep clean in next time and saves time as well.

After using a baby bathtub several times, it is important to ensure that your baby bathtub is in good cleaning condition at all times. It is hygienically good practice to keep a clean baby’s bathtub as well so that it is always ready to use next time.

Your baby bath is bound to be always comfy and fun, but if you see any visible dirt around the bathtub this may definitely won’t help you. 

Common baby bathtub cleaning tools that might already be at your homes such as microfiber cloths, lemon salt, white vinegar, and disposable wipes are very helpful. 

Baby bathtub needs to be cleaned every day, microfiber cloths and water are very easy to wipe out, removing soap scum requires less effort and disposal wipes are a great way to quickly clean out a baby’s bathtub. White vinegar has antibacterial properties, mix equal levels of vinegar and water in a clean spray bottle, spray the tub and wipe out with a dry towel.   

Fortunately, cleaning a plastic tub or baby bathtub doesn’t take less than a minute if you have been cleaning every day before and after bathing your baby, and it saves a huge amount of your precious time as well. There are loads of methods you could try to clean your baby bathtub and we would love to hear from you that doesn’t cover it in this blog post.

Cleaning Materials

You could find several types of cleaning material that really saves your precious time when it comes to how to clean baby bathtub?

With mass research, I have tried to list all the tools that may definitely help while cleaning the baby bathtub.

Apart from these materials if you are using different and it is obviously helpful then we’d love to hear;

  • Used toothbrush or old toothbrush
  • Clean Spray bottle
  • Disposable tissue
  • Lemon & salt 
  • Dish Soap
  • Brush
  • Sponge
  • Cloth or clean towel
  • Bleach
  • Microfiber cloth
  • White Vinegar 

And obviously sufficient water 

How to clean baby bathtub

How often to clean the baby bathtub?

If your baby is younger or one year old then your little one just needs two to three baths per week. Simultaneously, after bathing your baby if you clean your baby’s bathtub again it just takes the same frequency as your baby’s bath time which is two to three times per week.

So, it is good practice to quickly clean after and before bathing with just water and dry clean clothes that might save your huge precious time, and dip clean once a week is more than enough to clean a baby bathtub 

How to clean baby bathtub using different tools?

After giving a baby a bath, the next task is definitely to clean your baby’s bathtub. How to clean the bathtub then? Some parents practise a simple way that is rinsed out with clean water, wipe out with a clean cloth and dry it. This pretty simple way might save your crucial time while doing a deep cleaning.

Do not use harsh chemicals while cleaning the baby bathtub and do not follow cheap solutions as well. Straight after the baby bathing is the right time to clean the bathtub so grab the opportunity and don’t delay to do that, never clean the bathtub right before to start bathing your baby hence it takes longer to dry and dissipate chemical fumes. 

There are several ways to clean a bathtub, if you clean every day after bathing your little one, that will be more than enough to keep maintaining your baby’s bathtub hygiene.

However, on the progress of this blog post, we will be covering some of the best natural and other easiest ways to clean baby bathtub. 

How to clean mold from a baby bathtub?

We will discuss here how we can easily clean mold from a baby bathtub? If you see or notice some mold in your baby bathtub, bleach does a perfect job for you. Prepare a clean spray bottle filled with hot water and bleach as required.

Find out all the mold areas in your baby’s bathtub and spray around the mixture of bleach with hot water and leave for a while to let it soak thoroughly at the same time sprinkle the baking soda as well thoroughly inside the bathtub.

You could prepare dish soap in a bucket mixing with hot water and use dipped sponge to rub the bathtub or you could rub with just a sponge.

For tougher stains bleach could be a good solution, apart from this for normal stains sprinkle baking soda directly to the sponge or dipped sponge from a mixture of dish soap and water.

Scrub away the molds until the bathtub is fully clean or you are satisfied enough and then rinse with hot water and dry out with a clean cloth.

How to clean baby bathtub

Cleaning baby bath with bleach

Bathtubs are the best suitable place to grow mold and mildew that can leave stains everywhere. Bleach could be the best solution for lightening the stains and to kill mold and mildew. 

Many commercial products contain bleach for these reasons. However, we could also use straight bleach with water to kill mold and mildew to lighten the stains in the bathtub.

Let’s talk some major points that we should consider while cleaning bathtub with bleach;

  • Before using any kind of bleach make sure to read all the instructions on the manual book.
  • Never mix bleach with other cleaning material especially with vinegar or ammonia, it can produce toxic fumes. If you have used this kind of material to clean your baby’s bathtub make sure to clean the surface well and rinse out with clean water prior to using bleach.
  • To protect yourself from bleach, wear heavy-duty gloves, cover your eyes with glasses and wear old clothes. Bleach might discolour your clothes so if you have to use a towel use a white towel as well.
  • If your baby’s bathtub contains iron then don’t use bleach to clean your baby’s bathtub, it will cause iron to oxidize and leave red streaks on the bathtub surfaces.

Steps to follow while cleaning bathtub with bleach

Step 1: Remove all the cleaning material from the bathtub, if you are cleaning inside the bathroom then open the window to maintain well fresh air in.

Step 2: Rinse out the bathtub with clean water and use a water drain stopper to fill water around half of the bathtub. Once the water is about half full or approx a gallon mix a cup bleach into it.

Step 3: Bring your clean spray bottle and mix with equal amounts of bleach with water. This is a good solution to spray around the special part where molds and mildew are grown.

Step 4: You should leave 10 to 15 minutes on the bathtub surface and leave a bathtub to give chance bleach to disinfect, kill mold and lighten the stains.

Step 5: In the mixture of bleach and water bathtub use a wet sponge to scrub the entire bathtub and drain out water. 

Step 6: Keep windows open to dissipate air, rinse out with clean water to remove bleach from the bathtub. Rinse the sponge and the area that you sprayed to remove bleach.

If your baby’s bathtub gets stains it easier to use baking soda. After cleaning the bathtub make sure to wipe out with a clean dry cloth.

Never clean the baby’s bathtub right before bath time and wait for a while to air in and out in the bathtub to avoid irritating baby’s skins.

How to clean baby bathtub with baking soda

Baking soda is highly versatile and very safe to use with cheap and non-toxic features. It will work on a variety of materials without fear of harming or damaging.  

To clean your baby bathtub is pretty straightforward, sprinkle baking soda on every surface of the bathtub and add warm water. Wait for two to three minutes and start scrubbing. If you found stains are tough and strong you could use baking soda mixing with vinegar for better solutions. 

Natural Solutions

Always go with natural solutions when it comes to how to clean a baby bathtub. It is preferably organic and non-toxic practice. I have covered all the natural methods on how to clean baby bathtubs using these materials such as salt & lemon, disposable wipes, Microfiber cloths and vinegar. 

So, check on how to clean a baby bathtub with natural ways

Final Thoughts 

You might find several ways to clean baby’s bathtub and some of them are easiest as well. However, always go with the safest way so that it doesn’t harm and damage both the bathtub and baby.

Natural solutions are the best practise and avoid any material or product that contains harsh chemical agents. 


How to wash baby bathtub?

Enough soap and water scrub with a sponge would be enough to keep clean your baby’s bathtub in regular bases. However, if you see any mold and mildew use straight baking soda it also helps to lighten the stains as well.

Can you use bleach to clean a bathtub?

Bleach could be the best solution to kill mold, mildew and lighten the stains. It might be best for the regular bathtub as well, so always go for a natural solution for your baby’s bathtub. Best way to clean a bathtub is after giving a bath to your baby, don’t clean bathtub before baby’s bath time.

How do I get my bathtub white again?

For strong stains, sprinkle baking soda on it, spray with water and leave for 10 to 15 minutes, and scrub with a sponge, rinse out with clean water and finally dry with a clean cloth or microfiber cloths.

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