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How often to give a 2 year old a bath?

    Parents call this age “terrible two” because they have just learnt how to say “NO” and it seems like every time they want to say ”NO”, even some babies do not like to bathe and they want to avoid it so, how often to give a 2 year old a bath?

    They naturally start to build up their movement skills like running, walking, sliding, playing, they love lots of movement around the playground and they think all the stuff, whatever it is, either cold or hot need to be tested and touched. They touch everything whatever he/she could see and roll down everywhere.

    Your baby could get dirt and sweat just within a minute, in this case, to keep clean your baby he/she needs everyday bathe or when a bath is necessary. Apart from this if your baby does not get too much dirt and sweat or he/she plays most of the time inside the home in a clean area then you could give bath to him/her two to three times per week, which is more than sufficient.

    So, we could say that only bathe your two-year-old baby when it is necessary. You might already know about bathing that you don’t need every day.

    However, if your baby gets dirt and sweat after playing, daily bathing for your baby is totally perfect. Their skin can handle frequent bathing, having said that do not keep your baby longer in the bathtub. 

    How often to give a 2 year old a bath

    Bath Frequency

    There is no specific number that you should give a bath to babies. so, the general rule for bathing babies that way, there is no need to bathe babies every day.

    2-3 times a week is enough to give baths to babies, however, if your baby likes to bathe then once in a day is more than enough to keep your baby clean.

    If you are giving a bath daily to your baby to wish soapy water, use the products that are specially manufactured for babies. Such as dye-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, less chemical use etc. and use the same based body lotion after finishing the bath to keep your baby’s skin healthy.

    If your baby’s bath routine is before bedtime or you are giving a bath to your baby before bedtime and if it is helping your baby to sleep well and providing relaxation then it is ok to keep continuing with that bath routine.

    When to give a bath 

    Many online sites recommend two to three times a week is a perfect frequency for bath time for your little one. However, here are some conditions you should follow, if you are wondering about how often to give a 2 year old a bath?

    • Doctors recommend bath frequency for special skin conditions.
    • If you take your baby to swim in the swimming pool or around the sea beach, after finishing swimming from these places.
    • If they get dirt and sweat after playing outside.

    Bath tips for 2 year old 

    Your child could enjoy splashing around in the water, but there are some significantly important rules to be observed to make bathing time comfortable as well as the excitement and a significant rule is never to neglect your child alone in the water.

    Your baby is not like a newborn, he/she became stronger and more mobile now, bear in mind they still need supervision all the time during bath time to keep your baby clean and safe.

    To make your baby’s bath time more fun and safe, let’s have look some important point;

    Bath water preparation 

    First, cool water in the bath and then add the hot water to the tub. Make sure there are no hot spots out there.

    Purpose of bathing water around 100 F (38 C). Make sure the room where you are going to give a bath is warm, as well. This will reduce the risk of scaling your child. Never put your child in the bath while the water is still hot.

    A wet baby can be cooled down quickly. Your child can lose your body heat quickly, once you get her out of the water So, keep the room warm when you’re going to lift your baby, wrap her in a towel out of the bath and pat dry it before putting on him/her nappy. 

    Gather Everything Ahead 

    To make your baby’s bath time easier, gather all the stuff that you need during the bath before starting the bath with your baby. Such as towels, diapers, soap, shampoo etc.

    Keep them all near your arm to reach distance, so that you don’t have to leave your toddler even for a second during bath time. If you have to open the door or pick the important phone call you can easily take your toddler with you by wrapping a towel for more safety reasons.

    Supervise all the time

    Nothing can replace your supervision to keep your baby safe during bath time. Your baby is two years old and he/she is now stronger and more mobile doesn’t mean he/she might be safe during bath hour. 

    Stay away from all the distraction while giving bath to your toddler, if you have to leave the bathing area for some reason, bear in mind always take your baby with you.

    Make bathe Fun

    Some babies splash around and enjoy playing with water but some really don’t like to be in the water. If your baby doesn’t like to be in the water, there might be a little challenge to make him/her like bathe time.

    The easiest way might be, make your baby busy one playing with bath toys so that he/she doesn’t notice that you are cleaning.


    Once your baby is two years old, now he/she is stronger and more mobile, at this age, your baby might get more dirt and sweat after playing.

    So, you could possibly end up bathing your baby daily, however, if your baby doesn’t get too much dirt and sweat just bath when necessary, two to three times a week will be sufficient.

    We will expect some tips and advice from you about this doubt, How often to give a 2 year old a bath? Share your experiences and knowledge, so that others can learn something from you.

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