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Bath water too hot for baby

    Do you want to make your baby’s bath time more fun and safe? Then don’t make bath water too hot for baby to ruin the most enjoyable movement.

    Babies could be severely scalded by hot water in the blink of eyes, it might take just less than a second to put your little one in severely bad condition. 

    Bathwater should be lukewarm which is neither hot nor cold. If you have a thermostat measure the safe bath temperature for a baby is 37 to 38-degree celsius, and in Fahrenheit, it is between 90 to 100 degree. 

    The most practical way to measure the temperature of bathwater is with a soft and sensitive skin area which is your elbow, it gives more accurate reading than your hand.

    To make your baby’s bath time more fun and memorable, bathwater could play a vital role and this may contribute to the whole bath experience either it is good or bad.  

    Babie are more curious with their surroundings, they don’t have knowledge at the beginning that hot water burns and causes severe injuries. 

    A severe scald causes a serious injury and ends up staying long at the hospital. It may also cause skin treatment and permanent scarring. 

    So, how can we prevent our little from hot water during bath time? We will discuss more when they may scald and how we can reduce such kinds of hazards in the following post. 

    Bath water too hot for baby

    When babies get scalded if Bath water too hot for baby?

    Poor and careless preparation might be the main causes of that babies get scalded. It takes within a second to make the situation worse. 

    The bathroom is the most riskier place for baby in the house, where the baby may get easily scalds and burns as well as trip and slip.

    Here are some cases that the baby will get scalded;

    • When your baby is inside the bathtub and he/she doesn’t know which tap is hot or cold and turns on the unknowingly hot water tap.
    • When the baby is already in the tub and hot water being added results scald. 
    • If the baby doesn’t know about hot water and he/she puts a hand on running hot water under the tap.
    • If you place your baby in more hot water than it needs to be.

    These are the common mistakes that cause scalded at bath time so whenever you give a bath to your baby consider these points.

    What temperature should a baby bath be in celsius?

    Before put your baby in the bathtub, prepare bath water comfortably warm. It has to be lukewarm neither cold nor hot.   

    Wherever you bath your baby, make sure set the room temperature warm and close all the window to prevent cold wind. 

    Before mixing hot and cold water, make sure put cold water in the tub or basin first and then add warm water. Taps and water should be comfortably warm enough so that it won’t burn your baby.

    Use the thermometer to measure the bathwater temperature and it should be about 37 to 38-degree celsius. Always check with your sensitive skin which is the elbow whereas your hands are not heat sensitive. Ensure there is no hot spot by mixing well.

    How to prevent baby from hot bath water

    Especially, when parents get distracted or have a poor precaution, your baby’s bath time could be turned into catastrophic matter. 

    There are numerous ways to prevent serious injury in the bathroom while bathing baby;

    • When you mix hot water and cold water, make sure mix well so that there aren’t any hot spot.
    • Water temperature can change within a second so never put your baby into the water while water is still running. 
    • If you don’t have a thermometer then use your sensitive skin which is your elbow rather than your hand gauge to feel warm neither cold nor hot.
    • If you have a separate tap for hot and cold water, you could fix it as a one by asking a plumber so that you can easily mix hot and cold water. It helps to control mixed of water so that it won’t get hot as soon as the water comes out from the tap.
    • Another perfect way could be to install anti-scald devices or cover with safety cover.
    • Turn on the cold water first and then hot water to get the right and comfortable temperature. 
    • As your baby grows older, teach them how to handle hot water or not to touch the hot water. 
    • Never leave your children unsupervised even for a second near hot bathwater. If you have to leave the bath place take it with you by wrapping it in a towel.

    Once you finish giving a bath to your baby, he/she may lose body temperature quickly so that keep your room at the right temperature or warm enough, and wrap with a towel as soon as possible.

    Final words

    For your baby’s safe bathing time, prepare the right and comfortable temperature which is 37 to 38 -degrees.

    If you don’t have a bath thermostat use your soft and sensitive skin area which is your elbow to feel the right temperature.


    What temperature should a baby bath be in celsius?

    Use a bath thermostat to measure the temperature of a baby bath water which should be about 36-degree Celsius. It would be right and comfortable if the temperature is about 37 to 38 degree as well.

    How to tell if the bathwater is too hot for a baby?

    You could check with your sensitive skin area which is elbow to make sure the bath water for your baby is warm, it should be neither hot nor cold. If your skin is turned to red then it is too hot for your baby.
    Always use a thermostat to make sure the right temperature of bath water and do not exceed 38 -degree.

    Bath too hot symptoms baby?

    Too hot bath water is always dangerous causes uncomfortable and baby’s skin turn to red. Always check the right and comfortable temperature for your baby.

    Is 39 degrees too hot for baby bath?

    Young babies have very sensitive and soft skin, hot bath water may scald within a second so safe bath water temperature is between 37 to 38 -degrees and about 36 -degrees is for newborn.

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