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When to wash newborn hair for the first time?

    Newborns do not have too much hair, and they don’t need shampooing as well then when to wash newborn hair for the first time?

    If your baby is born with full hair you might be wondering whether you need extra care while washing their hair.

    You can wash baby’s hair straight after birth, however, the hospital nurse will do the first bath job for you at that time you can watch and learn from them. Once you back home, you might hesitate to give the first bath to your toddler. 

    Newborns don’t need an everyday bath, they just need two times per week even if they don’t have hair in their head it is necessary to gently wash.

    You don’t need to bathe your baby every day to wash his/her hair, there is the best way called “topping and tailing” this includes washing baby’s face, neck, hand and bottom carefully.

    When to wash newborn hair for the first time

    How often to wash newborn hair

    Either you are an experienced parent or a new parent, when it comes to taking care of a baby there are always tons of questions and one of them is how often to wash newborn hair?

    It is not necessary to wash your baby’s hair every day, it is similar to giving a bath which is two to three times per week. 

    However, If your baby is sweating too much and has a cradle cap problem which can be normal for a newborn but giving bath more frequently is recommended by doctors when the cradle cap is spotted.

    How to wash toddler hair

    To wash your baby’s hair, if you have a bathtub it would be a great tool that helps you a lot to wet his/her hair rising with the bowl of water. 

    Washing a baby’s hair is one of the major worries of parents. That is why we have mentioned some guidelines to help all new and experienced parents for their peace of mind.

    Washing a baby’s hair is exactly the same frequency as giving bath and exactly almost all the same process including bathing safety which you must follow at all times.

    1. Firstly prepare the room, either you use the bathroom or normal room make sure the room should be clean, comfortable warm and water should be warm as well around 100-degree Fahrenheit. 
    1. Before starting a bath or washing your baby’s hair you must gather all the stuff you need so that you don’t have to leave your baby while bathing and at this point, you must not leave alone at all.
    1. Don’t be afraid to bathe your baby as normally you would, it is recommended to wash their head at the end since your baby’s hair stays wet and catches a cold quicker if you wash head first.
    1. Starting with singing and giving his/her favourite toy, wet their hair, then take baby shampoo on a palm, rub between the palm and apply to the head.
    1.  Make sure water doesn’t trickle down your face, use your hand, washcloth or cup to rinse out the shampoo carefully and thoroughly.

    After washing Hair

    Get him/her out and straight get dressed!

    Once you are done with washing your baby’s hair, do not keep the baby too long wet, take him/her out from the tub and pat dry with a soft towel right away to prevent from catching a cold.

    Babies lose their body’s heat from the head and they can also overheat if you cover for a longer time.

    Drying baby’s hair is a personal preference, some parents leave their baby’s hair to leave for natural dry but if it is cold outside get it dry right away.

    Final Word

    Your baby’s hair doesn’t need to be washed every day, it is same as giving bath two to three times per week. Giving bath too often might lead to skin dryness and irritation, and that doesn’t help enjoy while bathing.

    If there are different cases like cradle cap it is recommended more frequent wash with baby shampoo.


    How often should I wash my baby’s hair?          

    Baby’s hair produces very little oil so you don’t need to wash their hair every day, two to three times per week is ok to give a wash.
    If your baby has cradle cap, give more often bath with cradle cap shampoo and avoid using shampoo if he/she has eczema.

    How often should I wash my baby’s hair with cradle cap?

    Wash your baby’s hair once a day with mild baby shampoo, cradle cap goes it’s own and it doesn’t require treatment.
    If frequent cleaning with shampooing doesn’t work get assist with your baby’s doctor.


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