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What babies wear in a car seat in the summer?

    Here is guide on what babies wear in a car seat in the summer and

    how can you keep cool your baby car seat during this hot summer?

    We all get excited when the summer is right near the corner, and that means we are really going to get more hot and humid everywhere.

    We all enjoy and feel better when playing outside in the warm weather but it might get your car extremely hot when left parked without a shed. 

    No one likes hot and sweaty travel inside a car, especially a parent who has a baby who doesn’t want any kind of sweaty on their back.

    So, What should a baby wear in the car seat in summer?

    Since the cars have air cooling systems and it helps a lot to maintain the temperature inside the car, however, In the summer light clothing and sunshades window might help more enough to keep cool in your car seat. 

    One thing to remember, when it is hot outside and leaving the baby inside a parked car is unattended is a crime, and if you have to get inside a parked car give some time to cool down. 

    Not blowing straight to your baby you can open a window opposite that keeps blowing wind inside the car to help keep cool.

    If you are travelling a long journey and expecting more sunny days than put some sunscreen on the open baby’s skin.

    How to keep car seat cool in summer

    Summer feels like we don’t have to take care of babies much like winter but the summer is also exactly more crucial when it comes to taking care of your little one.

    In some countries, the temperature might reach 100-degree Fahrenheit and parents start to worry about keeping their little one inside the car seat. 

    If you don’t have air conditioning then rolling down the window or if you have ac then turning on them to keep cool inside your car could be a wise choice.

    7 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Car Seat Cool in the Summer

    With this extremely hot condition and to travel with your little one is very challenging.

    so, it is very important to keep cool inside your car seat, especially when taking infants or newborn babies on travelling who can’t expose themselves to getting hot in the car.

    So, here are the 7 ways to keep your child’s seat cool in the summer.

    What babies wear in a car seat in the summer?

    1. Parkin a shaded place

    It is better to walk some extra space if you get a shaded car park, to get a shaded car park is not possible every time,

    however, always try to park your car in a shaded area so that your car doesn’t turn on a cloth drying room.

    When leaving a parked car it is recommended to leave the window slightly open, it helps to escape trapped warm air through the opened window and reduces the temperature inside your car.

    2. Use window shade 

    To cover your window to avoid direct sunlight is another best idea. If your child seat is near the window it prevents heat from becoming hot.

    3. Block sunrays

    To keep your car cool, you need to block sun rays to pass through its windows. There are several ways to block sunshine and one is to get a tinted window.

    There are several benefits of having tinted glass windows on cars, it blocks UV radiations and doesn’t spray everywhere in the event of an accident. 

    Another great idea is using car dash covers that act as reflective sun shades which we can put in front of the windshield, and it helps to reduce temperature while parking the car on a sunny day.

    4. Give cool towel

    This will also work for your little one while seating in the car but how?

    You might be wondering how a cool towel helps to keep your baby cool inside the car.

    This is pretty simple, all you have to do is, soak or wet them with cool water and twist it to remove all excess water so that it could cool your baby without making it wet.

    5. Keep spray bottle

    Taking a spray bottle filled with cool water is really helpful, whenever your baby feels hot just spray around their face.

    Before getting into the car seat use spray to adjust inside a little warm temperature.

    6. Use car seat cooler

    This is a special ice pack used for cooling the car seat once you take out your baby from the car seat simply put the seat cooler. It keeps the car seat cool even if the car temperature is hot. 

    Do not let your baby sit over an ice pack, before using it please do your own research.

    7. Keep Hydrate them

    Apart from all above,

    keep offering water or keep hydrated is the most important part of the hot summer.

    So, make sure to carry plenty of water with you at all times.

    Final verdict

    I wish this summer would be the best summer of your life, so keeping your little one through a journey safe and comfy temperature plays a vital role. 

    What babies wear in a car seat in the summer also matters the most to keep your little one cool inside the car in the car seat.

    I hope these little tips and tricks might help you at some point to make your journey peace and comfy.

    If I missed something or do you have more tips regarding what babies have to wear in car seats and how we can cool car seats during the hot summer.  

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