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21 Things to do with a newborn in the summer

Do you want the most genius and different child you wish to, then here are the things to do with a newborn in the summer.

With summers approaching, most new parents would be looking for ideas for activities to do with their newborn children in the summers. 

The parent and the child can get out of their house and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. 

That is why we have gathered many indoor and outdoor activities for you and your baby to enjoy together.  

Why do Babies Need Activities? 

Soon your child will be celebrating the first year of its existence, but before that, there will be many physical and mental changes that the child will go through. 

You will witness that child’s interests, and curiosities are increasing rapidly. They are showing much more keenness towards the world as the days past. 

This is the part of their growth, and it cannot be halted; all you can do as a parent is to make sure they thrive. 

According to Roni Cohen Leiderman, “Playing and connecting with our babies gets their brain development going. Our love, attention, time, and touch with our baby are the most important parts of developmental activities. Everything is underlined with parent-child interaction.” 

The best way to encourage a baby’s growth is by indulging in different activities with them and spending quality time with your little one. 

And the best time to do so is none other than the summers when mostly everyone is free and available to spend leisure time with their babies. 

Outdoor activities [ 11 activities ]: 

So, the weather is pleasant, a beautiful summer breeze is blowing, and you have plenty of free time in your hand? 

This calls for you and your baby to spend some time away from home. We have gathered a list of a few outdoor activities that you and your baby can enjoy in the summers. 

1. Go for a hike

Use google maps to find hiking trails where you can take your child’s stroller and enjoy the walk and sights. 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

2. Visit some parks

Let your child play in the sand, or make him take a few swings. 

3. Visit some pool or beach

Besides enjoying the sun, you can also introduce your child to the waters and prepare them for their first “dunk.” 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

4. Go to the zoo

An excellent time to start a little education for your child. Show them different animals, and imitate their sounds so that the animals remain in the memory. 

5. Visit some local games

soccer, basketball, baseball, anything that is available. A perk of watching it with a minor: you will have a company, yet you won’t need to buy the drinks and snacks. 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

6. Go on a camping trip

Enjoy the star-gazing with your child. Introduce him to nature as you make him sleep under the beautiful-glimmering stars. 

7. Go for an air show

If the sound is too loud and the baby does not seem to be enjoying it, use some noise-cancelling headphones designed, especially for babies. 

8. Drive-in movie

Enjoy your favourite movies with utmost privacy, with your little one. If your baby starts crying during the movie, you will be the only one hearing and won’t have to face the embarrassment of walking out. 

9. Go on an exploring quest in your backyard

Collect different insects, bugs, and tiny flowers, show them to your little one and record all the giggles. 

10. Go for a photoshoot

Visit random places in your neighbourhood, and capture your child’s expressions with different backgrounds. 

11. Build a treehouse

Let your child play in it every time the indoors seem dull.

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

Indoor activity [ 10 activities ]: 

There might be days that the weather might not allow you to step outside your home, and you might not be in the mood to do so.

Whatever the reason may be, we have gathered some activities that you can easily do in the comfort of your home. 

1. Peekaboo

Use some small toys or books and partially cover them with a blanket. Ask your baby to find it, and every time it lifts off the blanket and finds the object, say peekaboo and watch them giggle.

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

2. Hide and seek

Cover your eyes and count till 10, as your baby tries to hide itself. After that, go after them, and ask them to do precisely the same thing, as you hide and they seek you.

3. Solve puzzles with them

Buy some beginner’s level puzzles, and show them once or twice how it is done. Then allow them to do it, and cheer them every time they put a piece correctly. 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

4. Read little storybooks to them, and make sure the books contain pictures. As you read the dialogues, change your voice, depending on which character’s reading the conversations.

Show them the images in the books. This will help them in developing their listening skills and paying attention to detail.

5. Make a sandbox and practise writing and drawing. Please encourage your child to write and draw randomly on the sand; this will introduce it to writing and drawing and enhance its creative skills. 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

6. Sing different poems and songs to it. And let him imitate it. 

7. Dress yourself and your child in funny costumes and have a photoshoot. Make random and funny poses, and create an album out of it.

8. Spend some time in the bathtub together. Let your baby play, and get comfortable with water as you relax.

9. Dance to random songs and poems and let your baby follow. This will work as an excellent physical exercise for both. 

Things to do with a newborn in the summer

10. Decorate the yoghurt. Let your child decorate it with the beans, gummies, nuts, and jellies of its choice, and let it eat it later. 

Final Verdict

In the end, we hope that you get to spend maximum time with your little one these upcoming summers. You don’t necessarily have to do all the activities mentioned above.

But, you can get some inspiration and improvise accordingly, depending on your child’s likes and dislikes.

What we missed?

what is your favorite activities that you wish to recommend to all.

Let us know, so that others can learn something from you.

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