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Is it okay if a baby is bathed twice a day in the summer?

How often do you bath your little one in the summer? Is it okay if a baby is bathed twice a day in the summer?

NO! I would say, it causes skin irritation and it is not necessary to bath twice a day.

If you have a baby and you have been taking care for a couple of weeks then congrats for surviving till now, you are doing an absolutely amazing job. 

Either giving a bath in the winter or in the summer, taking care of babies is always challenging and the same. You have to be more cautious at all times. 

To protect from heat, sweating and dirt you might be expecting more often bath time than your previous experiences. 

When it comes to giving a bath to a baby twice a day in the summer, it depends upon the baby’s age group. 

For the first time bath, research suggests that delaying bath time is beneficial, it keeps the baby’s temperature steady, helps to develop skin and promotes breastfeeding. 

For the very first week, topping and tail are enough to keep your newborn clean until their umbilical stump falls off and then up to 3 months 2 to 3 times per week bath is more than enough to keep clean.

You should not bathe twice a day, it causes skin irritation and dries out your baby’s delicate skin.

Once your baby is 3 months old, it seems he/she is old enough but bear in mind up to 6 months your baby still needs 2 to 3 baths per week is more than enough to keep your little one Clean.

After six months once your baby is more mobile and starts to eat solid you may start giving more frequent baths. However, your baby still doesn’t need more than 2 to 3 three weeks of bath per week.

Is it okay if a baby is bathed twice a day in the summer?

How many times should a baby bathe in a day in the summer?

Your baby is likely to sweat a lot in summer due to heat that doesn’t mean he/she needs an everyday bath.

If he/she enjoys bath time you could give more often than usual, however, as we mentioned above your baby doesn’t need more than 2 to 3 bath times per week up to your six-month-old toddler.

Now you know how often you give a bath to your little one.

To give a bath in a right way;

Let’s dive into how we can give a bath to a little one during the summertime and what things we should consider while giving a bath to babies.

In the summer, hot weather doesn’t mean that you need cold water to give a bath to your baby and cool down. 

Water still needs to be warm neither cold nor hot, it should be lukewarm. If you have a thermostat used to measure the temperature of the water which tends to be 38-degree Celsius and it is believed to be similar to body temperature.

If you don’t have a thermostat use your elbow to feel the correct temperature of the water and stir well to mix hot and cold water. 

When your baby sweats a lot, sweat glands can trap underneath the skin and become irritated that develop rashes. 

So, when bathing your baby take special care and wash thoroughly all skin folded area neck, underarm and other visible places, and dry well afterwards.

If you want to keep your baby cool and want an extra bath then use just once a day baby bath products. If your baby enjoys water do not keep them in the bathtub for a long time, it is recommended 5 to 10 minutes to be in the bathtub.

Is it safe to bathe baby twice a day

It is safe to bathe twice a day but it is not necessary to give a bath to your little one twice a day and it is not certainly safe for them since babies have thin dry and delicate skin.

If your baby really likes, enjoys and you feel comfortable with baths then you can wash them once a day more than this cause dry out your little one skin. 

It is not necessary to wash your little one twice a day. Always keep in mind 2 to 3 baths per week is more than enough to keep your baby clean. 

Final Words 

Each and every season is the same when it comes to caring for your little one and you have to be more careful that the seasons keep changing.  

Especially in the summer due to heat, your child might get more sweat and dirt so to keep clean and keep cool you can wash them with warm water once a day, however always bear in mind your child still needs just 2 to 3 baths per week to prevent skin irritation.

Your child’s age also determines the frequency of bath per day, from the newborn up to 6 months the baby needs an extra bit of care. As we mentioned earlier until the umbilical cord falls off top and tail could be more than enough and then up to 6 months, 2 to 3 times of bath per week could be the perfect bath frequency.

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