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How to store baby bathtub?

    Apart from many other things that you need to take care of for your baby is your baby’s bathtub. Ensuring that it is clean and tidy all the time before storing it in the right and safe place.

    So, how to store baby bathtub after giving bath to your little one.

    The best and easiest idea to store your baby bathtub is clean it first, dry and store in a safe place or hang somewhere in your store room so that it stays the same at all time as shown below in the picture.

    How to store baby bathtub?

    Lies in the long list of jobs that you need to do caring for your baby; make sure that these bathtubs are thoroughly sanitized and free of all impurities when you use them.

    This will prevent the building-up of thick chunks of soap and other products used during bath time.

    Moreover, this will also prevent your time from being wasted every time you prepare your child’s bath. We have compiled a whole list of easy-to-do, step-by-step guides to store your baby’s bathtub and prevent it from any infection.

    Step-by-step Procedure to Follow:

    The required include but are not limited to baking soda, paper towels, vinegar, warm water, a spray bottle, and a block of dish soap.

    What are you supposed to do precisely before storing?

    Several different things must be considered before you decide to clean the bathtub of your child.

    First of all, make sure that all the essential liquids are at your disposal. The fluids might include hot water, baking soda, soap, and white vinegar.

    To dry your child’s bathtub, make sure you have lots of paper towels, and a clothe all the time during and after the bath. Please keep it near the bathtub all the time.

    An easy-to-follow guide to clean and store the bathtub.

    • It is pretty easy to clean a child’s bathtub. A mixture of hot water and dish soap is prepared to remove any grim or layers of soaps.

    Dust on the bathtub is a bit harder to remove; hence, baking soda does the best job for better cleaning and a better outcome.

    • Next, rub the edges of the tub with pastes and then with wet tissues. Shower warm water on the bathtub to cleanse it and then dry it out with paper towels or any other available clothing piece
    • Now, prepare a mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and make sure equal proportions of the things are added.

    Vinegar removes any dirt easily. It has a low pH value; since it is acidic, it naturally has the capabilities that can fight against bacteria, kill them, and prevent their growth.

    Moreover, it also doesn’t leave any left behind, therefore cleaning the tub’s dirt without any chemical reactions potentially hazardous for the baby.

    It would be best if you were not concerned about the vinegar’s foul smell, as once it dries after 15-30 minutes, the odor will fade away automatically.

    • At last, use a paper towel, and run it all over the bathtub and dry it thoroughly. Leave it to dry, and once dried, put in a suitable place for the baby’s next bath.
    • Cleaning the bathtub immediately before the bath can also be done, but it will be much more time-consuming; therefore, it is much more preferable if you wash it after the bath.

    Some Tips That Might Come Handy:

    For cleaning a baby’s bathtub, small but worthy advantages should be taught about, and we have gathered some note-worthy tips for this purpose.
    Scrubber with dishwashing soap and vinegar is the best choice. However, other options are also listed below:

    1: Cheap, low-priced options:
    Vinegar, dish soap, scrub brush, and scrubbing head on the brush are very affordable.

    2: Handy options:
    Every household’s kitchen should have vinegar; these combinations can also be used in a bathtub and other house materials such as dish soap, which works perfectly.

    3: Quick:
    Cleaning with all the materials mentioned earlier and procedures are pretty quick methods; therefore, it is a piece of cake as they remove bacteria and all marks in less time.

    4: Safe and Secure:
    Since vinegar causes no harmful chemical reactions, you don’t have to worry about bathing your child in a vinegar-washed tub;

    Therefore, they can move where ever they want without getting their skin irritated or damaged in any way. As no scented cleaners are to be used, pregnant ladies’ problems are also solved.

    5: Fruitful Outcome:
    Scrubber, vinegar, and dish soap work better than any store-bought cleaners; hence cleaning has been made very easy.

    Different kinds of tubs are available in the stores now. For example, some are made of plastic, and some are air-filled, the only job we must do is choose what is the best for us, keeping the budget in mind.


    In conclusion, your primary and most important priority should be keeping the bathtub cleansed and cozy for your babies.

    The purpose of this entire procedure is to make this a fun yet healthy environment. This is a good chance of introducing your child to the water and ensure that a sense of trust and security if formed between the water and your child.

    This will not only keep them clean and in a good physical condition but also add up to one of your most beautiful moments with your baby.

    From your side, share your experience about how to store baby bathtub?

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