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How to clean baby bathtub with vinegar?

When you first try to buy a baby’s bathtub there might be a lot of questions in your head, whether you are buying or not, If you are buying then what type of bathtub you should buy, likewise when it comes to about cleaning your baby bathtub you might have lots of question, how to clean baby bathtub with vinegar?

We always want to keep our baby clean and healthy, to do so if you are using a baby bathtub then it is important to keep the bathtub clean as well. If you don’t keep your bathtub clean that might directly affect your baby’s cleanness too. 

It is always best practice to clean the baby bathtub after giving a bath to a baby and before giving a bath to a baby. It is a straightforward and easy task to clean a baby bathtub, and it could take less than a minute if you clean regularly with the help of microfiber cloths, soft cloths, disposable wipes, lemon salt, vinegar etc.

Do some people still doubt how often to clean a baby bathtub? It seems pretty simple to clean the baby’s bathtub every time before and after bathing and this is the best practice so far, almost all the parents also recommend the same things.

If you follow the same pattern, definitely you won’t go wrong.

How to clean baby bathtub with vinegar

Using Cleaning tools

As we mentioned above there are lots of tools that help us to clean our baby’s bathtub. Most importantly cleaning the plastic bathtub is very easy and simple and friendly too. If you clean it regularly it could take less than a minute. 

Always bear in mind to save your precious time, a quick clean to your baby’s bathtub every time before and after bathing your baby. Let’s talk in more depth about how to clean a bathtub?

Bathtub cleaning tools

The following tools are just for your guideline, you could use as you wish any tools as long as you keep clean your baby’s bathtub that’s fine.

  • Scrub brush
  • Used toothbrush or old no longer in use
  • Scrub sponge 
  • Cloths or towel
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Disposable wipes 
  • Lemon 
  • Salt
  • Vinegar 
  • Spray bottle 

How to clean baby bathtub with vinegar

White vinegar is and disinfected, non-toxic, natural and it has antibacterial properties. This kitchen product is 100 percent natural way to clean your baby bathtub in a friendly way.

To use vinegar as a cleaning tool, equally, mix an amount of vinegar and water about a cup in a clean spray bottle. Give a good shake to the bottle and spray directly to the bathtub.

Wait for 10 min and scrub it down with a sponge or cloth and then rinse out with clean water. Once you rinse out to make sure to dry with a clean cloth as well.

How to clean baby bathtub with vinegar

Lemon and Salt

This is another great natural idea to clean baby’s bathtub and the acid from the lemon makes a great natural cleaning solution as well.

Its acid helps to lift dirt and derbies disinfecting the surface of the bathtub. So, to use the lemon and salt, simply cut half lemon and sprinkle some salt all over the half cut lemon. Use that lemon to scrub all the surface of the bathtub and rinse out with clean water.

There is no fear of getting chemicals inside the baby’s body, lemons scent is fresh and natural that makes bath time healthy.

Microfiber / soft cloths 

This is the easiest and quickest way to clean a bathtub, you can also use this tool to dry your baby’s bathtub after cleaning. This type of cloth absorbs almost everything so there won’t be any residue and water drops left in the tub surface.

You might need more than 1 microfibre cloth so at least gather 3 cloths, it also depends on tub size so you might need more to clean and dry the bathtub. To prevent from building up mould in the tub, make sure to keep the tub surface clean and dry at all times.

Disposable wipes 

It works just like microfiber cloths. These types of wipes are a great idea to clean your baby’s bathtub without any much effort.  Baby’s wipes are a great example you could use to wipe out for quick cleaning. 

Step by step guide cleaning with vinegar 

If you are regularly cleaning your baby’s bathtub then sometimes it needs a deep cleaning as well.

After bathing inside the bathtub surface there might be stuck soap scum and dirt that may result in bacteria and moulds growing up in the grooves. It is a very harmful and bad idea to give baths to such a bathtub.  

So, to keep your baby always healthy and safe it is a good idea to use natural products such as vinegar, lemon and salt.

If there is nothing stuck in the bathtub surface such as pee and poo, wipes and clean water would be sufficient. 

Let’s dive in some steps how we could clean bathtub with vinegar;

  1. First of all, prepare all the cleaning stuff that will be needed during bathtub cleaning and decide the perfect place whether it is inside the house or outside.
  1. Take a prepared spray bottle and spray the mixture of vinegar and water into the tub. If you plan to use lemon and salt, rub the tub’s surface before squeezing, and sprinkle the salt on the top of the lemon.
  1. Rinse the bathtub with clean water making sure there is no residue left inside the surface of the tub.
  1. It is always important to dry the bathtub with a clean dry cloth before keeping it in a safe place to prevent mould growth.
  1. As we mentioned earlier, it is important to do a deep cleaning once a week to maintain bathtub cleanliness and never use products that contain chemicals. 

Final Words

To keep your baby clean after bathing, it is important to keep the bathtub clean as well. To maintain the cleanliness of the bathtub, every time clean before and after bathing in a natural way would be sufficient.

Share your ideas on how to clean the baby bathtub so that others can learn something from you. 

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