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How to bathe a toddler without a bathtub

For parents, bathing to their babies is always challenging until they start to enjoy the bathing time.  Most of the newborn babies disagree or don’t like to bathe, but after a couple of times, it becomes one of the baby’s favourite habits.

To keep your baby always clean and healthy, bath time is one of the essential parts. But if you don’t have a bathtub doesn’t mean that you are not going to bathe your baby. 

So, how to bathe a toddler without a bathtub then?

Right, this is not a big problem and you don’t have to worry, for the first couple of months you can easily wash them by holding in your arm carefully in the shower. Once they are able to sit on the floor, you can start washing them in your kitchen sink.

Top 4 Methods about how to bathe a toddler without a bathtub

Now, you know you can give a bath to your baby without a bathtub for the first few months just by holding in your arm. 

The kitchen sink is still a very good option to wash your baby if you don’t have a bathtub, however, a baby bathtub helps you to support your baby safely. 

You can always give a bath or shower to your baby perfectly safe under your good plan and supervision. There are many ways to bathe a toddler without a bathtub and these are the practical methods that you should start now.

No bathtub in house for toddler, no problem at all. Because we have come with the solutions and discussed below.

how to bathe a toddler without a bathtub

1. Use of storage tub, bucket or Bowl

There are many things already at your home such as a bucket, bowl, storage tub etc. These are the perfect tools that hold enough water and stable in the shower recess. This is the perfect fit for a toddler who wants to stand and be scared with shower. Just fill the water up to the knee to waist level, and never ever leave your child alone this time.

If you need more water then prepare water with an extra bowl so that you can use it any time during bath time or try to stay as close as possible to tap. Prepare all the stuff that you need prior to giving a bath to your baby.

2. Use of Kitchen Sink 

You may find lots of places at your home to give a comfortable bathe to your baby. Amongst them, you might end up finding the best place is your kitchen sink because it is very comfortable while bathing your baby in standing position rather than stress full squat position over the bathtub in the bathroom.

If your child is too young and small to fit in the kitchen sink, you can still wash him/her.

Before using a kitchen sink, there are some tips you need to follow; which are fundamental things about the cleanness of your kitchen sink. 

When do you want to bathe your baby make sure to wash and clean it properly. First, rinse it out of hot water, and use sprinkle baking soda in the bottom and the sides. You may also use baby bath cleaning products for cleaning the kitchen sink.

3. Shower with toddler 

After seeing this title you might be thinking about how to shower with a toddler

Believe me, this is such helpful tips for anyone who is single or finds themself to do their own with a toddler. It’s straight forward your body gets clean too while giving a bath to your baby at the same time.

Showering with a baby might be a good fun experience for both if you take extra precautions. Such as while bathing, your body will be slippery, your baby’s body will be slippery and the bathing floor too.  

So, you have to be extra cautious about shower water temperature, shampoo and shower gel. The shower gel and shampoo that you use may hurt your child’s delicate skin and eye.

4. Shower Practise 

Once your child is growing gradually, in some days after he/she has to get out of the baby bathtub. The shower could be always scary for little one so, try to make it comfortable with shower and gradually introduce it.

Bathing a toddler without a bathtub other best option is to give a shower to your toddler. Start your baby’s shower a little bit with fun spraying water, if you have shower hoses then give him/her to hold and build confidence.

You can also use a funny shower head attachment for your kids. They might be liked by your baby very easily because they are colourful and funny that makes your baby excited. Some head attachments reduce water pressure and spray down to the baby in a friendly manner.

Final Words

Have you tried any of these methods?

Share your tips, tricks and experience to make more clear about how to bathe a toddler without a bathtub so that anyone can bathe a toddler without a bathtub.

Have I missed something?

Apart from these methods, have you tried different methods to bath your babies? If you have any idea about then complete this article by sharing your experiences.

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