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How often should I bathe my 3 month old baby?

You might be having an incredibly exciting and challenging parenting journey. Newborn baby feels impossibly fragile and you worry more whether the baby is in a comfortable position or warm.

For the first week, Top and tail might be more easy and comfortable for you. You don’t need to give an everyday bath to your baby; 2 to 3 times a week is more than enough to keep your baby clean.

Whether your baby is the first or you are experienced parents, there might still be lots of questions about how often should I bathe my 3 month old baby.

In the past, the right time for the first bath was straight after delivery. But researchers suggest that it is beneficial delaying the first bath.

In 2019 a study found nearly 1000 babies waiting 12 hours for the first time bathe promote breastfeeding.

Moreover, Over 73 infants study in 2019 suggested that a bath after 48 hours helps to keep babies at a steady temperature and aids skin development.

If you are really over thinking about your baby’s first bath, you don’t have to because it’s a high chance that the nurse will provide the first bath to your baby. At this time take benefit by watching closely and ask for the advice as much as you can.

How often should I bathe my 3 month old baby

How often should I bathe my 3 month old baby?

Newborn babies should get their first bath after 24 hours, according to the research by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), delaying the bath might decrease the risk of hypothermia and hypoglycemia as well as contribute to breastfeeding success, and moisturize the skin.

Continue and stick with sponge baths until after the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off. For the first week, you may find it easier to top and tail your baby. It means washing the baby’s head, neck, hands and bottom.

Giving baths 2 to 3 times a week is more than enough to keep your newborn baby clean. Once a baby has no longer an umbilical stump, you may give a bath in a more traditional way.

 Always remember that, if you leave in a hard water area too much tap water may dry out and damage your baby’s skin

How often should you top and tail the baby?

As we mentioned for the first week it is easier and more effective to top and tail instead of bathing babies.

Before jumping straight to the work there are some points we should follow. 

  • Get your hand clean, warm and remove all jewelries’ 
  • Get nappy clean and unperfumed in ready to use condition.
  • You will be drying your baby so prepare a soft towel and fresh new clean clothes.
  • Make the room temperature warm enough for the baby around 24 degrees Celsius.
  • Make ready cooled boil water in a boil.
  • Get some cotton or soft flannel, if you are using baby wipes it should be unperfumed and suitable for the newborn babies.

If you think there should be more on the list then you can add on the list and make yourself more comfortable and secure while doing topping and tailing babies. 

Have you prepared all of these requirements? 

Now you’re completely ready to start top and trail. You may find a step by step guide about topping and tailing to your babies.

Top and Tail Steps

  1. Undress your baby apart from the vest and nappy and keep them in the mat or on your knees and wrap them with the soft towel.
  • Now dip down cotton in the warm boiling water and wipe gently your baby’s eyes and noses outwards. Always remember to use a fresh piece of cotton wool for each eye so you don’t spread any infarction. 
  • For the rest of your baby’s face, hands and neck follow the exact same way gently.
  •  Your baby’s umbilical cord stump should drop off after 10 days, however, each day with the cooled boil water and fresh cotton wool gently pat it dry. Keep clean and dry to avoid infarction, if you have any concern and question contact to your doctor or nurse.
  • It’s time to button part of your baby’s so remove your baby’s nappy, wash with the cooled warm water and a new piece of cotton wool. Do not forget to dry little unfold skin areas dry.
  • Once you complete the dry baby’s body use an unperfumed nappy barrier cream to avoid any kind of developing a rash.
  • Talking with the baby while topping and tailing might help the baby to relax and enjoy more and Baby’s nails grow pretty quick so, to avoid scratch themself use special baby’s nail clippers and be more careful while trimming or shorting baby’s nail.

How often to bathe 3 month old?

If you are a first-time parent then always wonder if the baby needs an everyday bath or How often should I bathe my 3 month old baby? 

Many Child doctors, Nurses and Parenting experts say it depends upon you how often you want to give a bath to your baby. But a daily bath is not necessary as long as you keep your baby’s face, hands and bottom area clean daily by using warm water with clean soft cloths.

Now your baby is 1 week old and you want to give a bath instead of top and tail then there are some points you should follow to keep your baby clean and safe.

After a straight feed, never give a bath to your baby and avoid giving bath as well if your baby is hungry, thirsty and tired.

what do you need?

Before starting giving a bath to your baby, gather everything you need

  1. A baby bath bowel or clean washing up bowl with warm water
  • A clean nappy, clothes and blanket 
  • Clean cotton pads and towels, if your towel is hooded then it might be very easy to wrap up your baby from top to toe.
  • A bath thermometer to check water temperature is optional.

Gather everything you need in your hand to reach distance so that you don’t have to run away in the middle of the baby bathing time. It is very risky to leave alone while bathing your baby.

Step By Step Guide

Now, you have gathered everything you need, let’s follow the step by step guide about giving baby baths.

  • Keep your room warm, close the door and windows.
  • Water should be warm, so put cold water first and then hot water. Mix the cold and hot water well making sure there is no hot spot left. 
  • If you have a bath thermometer then water temperature should be about 37-degree Celsius to 38-degree celsius. If not then use your elbow to feel the water at the right temperature. It should be equal to the body’s temperature neither cold nor hot.
  •  Fill the water up to 8 to 10 centimetre for newborn and up to 6 months baby to avoid unnecessary control and for safety purposes.
  • It is very easy to clean a baby’s face by cleaning cotton with warm water before bath and you don’t need soap or cleanser for baby’s face.
  • Use fresh and clean cotton to clean baby’s ears and wash baby’s chin and dry gently with a towel.
  • For the first month don’t add any cleanser’s liquid, bring your baby in the bath area, undress him/her, remove nappy and clean the baby’s bottom before putting in the bath.
  • Gradually put your baby in the bath along with continuing to support the baby’s neck and head with your arm. Use your other hand to wash your baby, at this time you have to be more careful hence your baby will be more slippery after contact with water.

After Bath

  • Once you finished giving the bath to your baby, carefully lift out of the bath and straight put on the towel. Wrap your baby with a towel to keep warm and tap rather than rub to dry prior to nappy on.
  • Avoid using oils and lotion for the first month. After bath time, this is the best time to give a message to your baby. A massage can help them to relax and sleep.

Take Away Points

Are you the first parents or experienced, there might be still more concern on how often should I bathe my 3 month old baby?

To keep your baby clean, 2 to 3 times a week bath is more than enough. So, stick with sponge baths until after the baby’s umbilical cord stump falls off and for the first week, top and tail might be the easiest option.

Set the room temperature warm, gather all things you need prior to giving a bath and never leave your baby alone while giving bath even in a second. 

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