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How often should I bathe my 1 year old

Your baby is one year old and time really flies fast, you might have gained tremendous experience about parenting till now. Either you are experienced parents or new parents you might be still wondering how often should I bathe my 1 year old?

0nce your baby is around one year old, he/she becomes more mobile and might start to eat some solid foods. If your baby enjoys bath time you may give bath to him/her more frequently, considering one to two times baby soapy bath, and you can give a sponge bath or put in the tub to wash with plain clean lukewarm water for the rest.

As your baby grows you might be thinking differently and more often bath time, however, bear in mind your baby still needs just two to three times bath per week. 

Some of the parents are practising bath time before bedtime and it is working perfectly ok to calm down their baby before bedtime as well as helping to sleep well. If this works for you, it is ok to make your baby’s bath routine at this age.

Exactly how often should I bathe my 1 year old?

How often should I bathe my 1 year old

There is no factual or scientific data on how often you should bathe your little one. We could find in this modern society, most of the parents bathe their baby every day. Especially many babies who are not walking yet, they do not need a bath every day with soapy water.

Children with dry and sensitive skin still need to pay extra attention, wash them with mild soapy water once a week and soap must be specially manufactured for babies fragrance-free, dye-free and less chemical mixture.

You can use plain lukewarm water to rest of your baby’s bath routine to wash him/her or you can soak in the bathtub with plain and clean soap-free lukewarm water to keep your toddler clean. 

Now you know how often you should bathe your one-year-old toddler. Your baby is little older than before and outgrowing day by day, your newborn bathtub might not be comfortable and fit. 

In this case, how can you handle the situation, let me take you some important points;

Safe Bathing Tips

Bath time is always fun and parents have to be more cautious too. You have to be always sure that your baby is comfortable while bathing. 

Before starting some important points, I would like to highlight the most important safety point which is Never, ever leave your baby alone, even for a second. Babies can easily drown within a second even in less than an inch deep water.

  • First and foremost, preparation plays the key role, gathering all the stuff you need during bath such as diapers, towel clothes etc. so that you do not have to leave your little one while bathing.
  • The second phase of preparation might be to set the correct temperature for your baby’s bathwater. Water should be neither hot nor cold, it should be lukewarm comfortable for your little one.
  • Set your room temperature warm as well and close all the windows and doors especially in winter to prevent cold wind inside the house.
  • Bathing areas are incredibly slippery, so to avoid slip use an anti-slip bath mat or dry the floor as soon as possible.
  • Teach your baby how to sit in the bathtub and never fill the water too much in the bathtub. It could be ok up to waist level.
  • Bath time should be brief around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Do not use products that contain alcohol.
  • Use dye-free and fragrance-free soap or shampoo to avoid drying out baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Use the same dye-free, fragrance-free, white and simple colourless products that are specially manufactured for babies.

Do not bath every day

After all, babies can get easily dirt and nappy blowouts, in this situation we can not avoid giving baths every day. However, give them a bath when necessary and aim just one per week if your baby is under one year old.

Instead of daily bathing with soapy water, wash your baby with plain warm water ensuring that your baby’s nappy areas are clean. 

As we mentioned earlier, a daily bath or too much soapy water may dry out your baby’s sensitive skin, so start with plain water as your baby grows up and his/her skin starts to handle more frequent bathing.


If you are using baby bath soap then aim for one per week for your one-year-old baby.

Baby might easily get dirt and nappy blowouts, in this condition wash them with plain warm water or give him/her bath with plain lukewarm water when necessary ensuring that your baby’s nappy areas are clean all the time.


How often should I wash my 1 year old hair?

Use a shampoo to wash your 1-year old that especially manufactures for baby and you do not need to use daily shampoo unless your baby’s hair is too much dirty.

Using shampoo two to three times per week is sufficient to keep clean your 1-year-old hair.

How often should you bathe a 12 month old baby?

Aim for one time per week with soapy water instead of bathing daily. Wash your baby’s nappy area with plain and clean water when necessary to keep clean all the time.

Two to three times per week is more than enough to keep clean your baby and to avoid baby’s skin from drying out.

How often should babies bathe?

There is no need to bath your baby everyday, bath when necessary or two to three times per week is sufficient to keep clean your baby and to protect baby’s sensitive skin.

Is it OK to bathe baby once a week?

Many official sites are recommending two to three times per week.
However, under one year aim for one per week full bath and give bath to your baby when necessary ensuring that your baby’s nappy areas are dry and clean all the time.

Can I bathe my baby with just water?

Yes! you can bath your baby with just water. Many official online sites are recommending up to four to six weeks, wash your baby with plain clean warm water to prevent your baby’s sensitive skin. Aim full bath with baby soapy water one per week and you can continue to rest up the day up to 1-year-old with just water.

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