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How hot is too hot for baby room?

It is not easy to tell just by guessing what the temperature of your baby’s sleeping room is? We are quite lucky enough to get a variety of stylish and cheap room thermometers to track exact room temperature.

Over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, especially it is harder to cool off your baby’s body so it is not a good idea to take your baby newborn or infant out when the outside temperature is over 80 degree.

A recommended room temperature is between 16 to 20 degree which is 60.8 to 68-degree Fahrenheit. In the summer or in a hot climate 78-degree Fahrenheit is acceptable or houses might stay around 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. 

Baby needs a comfortable temperature in their room neither cold nor hot. The chance of SIDS is higher in babies who get too hot, so try to get room temperature between 18 to 20-degree celsius.

How do I know if my baby’s room is too hot?

Very simple and general idea about considering your baby’s room temperature, if you are feeling tough time or too cold in the room, your baby is feeling the same, if you are feeling too hot so your baby will too.

The best idea to know whether your baby’s room is too hot, always check your baby’s head, chest and neck for any dampness. If your child has damp this is the sign of sweating and overheating due to too hot room temperature.

Another best way to know your baby’s room temperature is to use thermometers, they are cheap and work really well.

How hot is too hot for baby room

Baby room temperature clothing guide

Dressing your baby might always be a challenging job in every season or in all weather conditions. To dress your baby for all kinds of weather conditions, always think about the layer, adding and eliminating layers could play a vital role at all times to warm up or cool down your baby’s body temperature. 

Babies may need extra layers when you are going outside and it is cold, once you come back take it out to prevent overheating 

baby sleep layers

What do I do if my baby’s room is too hot?

It is very important to maintain a safe room temperature for your baby and Nobody likes too hot uncomfortable rooms, so your child too. 

To provide a safe and comfortable time for your baby, how can you cool down my baby’s room?

For this solution, we have a few important tips so that you can make your baby’s room safe and comfortable.

  • In the summer try to avoid direct sunlight into the room by closing all the curtains but keep windows open to pass fresh cool air. 
  • Invest little money on a thermometer. They are very cheap so that you can track your baby’s room temperature and always try to maintain a safe level as we mentioned above which is 16 to 20-degree Celsius or 20 to 22.2-degree celsius. 
  • If possible and safe then locate your baby’s room in the coolest area so that it stays cool all the time.
  • Make sure your baby is having plenty of fluids so that he/she stays hydrated.
  • To improve air circulation in the room consider using a fan but don’t point directly at your baby.
  • Keep checking for the overheating signs, if you see sweating, damp hair, rapid breathing, flushed cheeks and heat rash, immediately remove the clothing layer of your baby’s to help to cool off. 

Final Words

Your baby doesn’t like the hot room it could lead to several allergies and more than this like SIDS as well. So, you as a parents responsibility is to always make sure your baby is cool enough and feeling comfy at all time either inside or outside of your house.

Do you have any better idea than this to determine How hot is too hot for baby room then drop your suggestion to help others?

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