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Can a 1 year old take a shower?

    Do you know what? 

    You don’t have to wait for your baby to give him/her shower for one year, if you want to shower your baby then, once the baby’s umbilical cord falls off, it is the perfect time to start giving a shower to your little one.

    Many online sites and non-profit organisations also say the same? yes! Once the baby’s umbilical cord falls off you can give a shower to your baby.

    However, whenever you bring your baby to shower make sure the water temperature must be comfy and safe.

    You might have got the idea, right?

    So, can a 1 year old take a shower? 

    Yes, of course, you don’t have to wait for a shower to your baby until he/she turns 1 year. Once your baby’s umbilical cord falls off you can start showering your little one and this is a perfectly safe practice as well. Bear in mind your baby still needs no more than two to three times per shower or bath per week.

    Giving a bath in the bathtub might be pretty painful, uncomfortable and stressful in a squatting position. so, If you are giving bath to your baby in a bathtub and you want to give him/her shower then this is the right place for you.

    We have shared some of the major points so that you could give a shower to your baby safely and comfortably. We have also covered some step by step guides on how to shower little one when he/she is one year old.

    Preparation phase

    Now, you have decided that you are starting to give a shower to your little one. To shower safely and comfortably you need to prepare all the supplies before starting the shower by gathering all the stuff that might need before and after the bath.

    Preparation always plays a vital role to succeed at any task, so before starting the shower to the baby we’ll gather the most important stuff: what are they and why do we need them?

    Warm up room and shower

    Baby loves warm temperatures and to create warm temperature in the room recommended temperature is between 20 to 25-degree celsius.

    For baby’s comfy and avoiding scalding from hot water, water should be warm and should be 37-degree celsius. 

    Soap with dispenser 

    While your baby still needs full control and needs to hold throughout shower time, this type of tool helps you a lot. This type of tool allows you to get soap with just a hand so that you can still support your baby.

    This type of soap should be fragrance-free, fewer chemical mixtures and dye-free to prevent your baby’s delicate soft skin. 

    Landing Area for baby

    Before starting or bringing your little one in the shower room, it is important to prepare the place where you are going to keep your baby straight after showering. Place the bath mat on the floor and put a warm soft towel over it. 

    Diaper Changing area

    Making sure that fresh diapers and diapers are available on your hand to reach distance so that you don’t have to run everywhere leaving your little one alone.

    Water Pressure

    Can a 1 year old take a shower

    Adjust the water pressure to the minimum level while giving a shower to your baby, always bear in mind your baby skin is very soft and delicate. Normal shower water pressure or high water pressure hurt your baby.

    Fresh Cloth

    Once you are done with shower your baby, you are going to put on fresh cloth for your baby, do not leave it for long without cloth because the body’s temperature might drop too quickly.

    These are the basic supplies, and I know you may need more while giving a shower to your baby.

    However, if you think you need more than this supplies gather all in your hand to reach distance so that you could give a shower to your baby perfectly without any danger. 

    Shower Safety

    Can a 1 year old take a shower

    Taking baths and showers is everyone’s daily routine and parents never think that babies can be seriously injured during shower time. Almost all the injuries related to bath or shower may be prevented. 

    During shower time, slips and trips may cause deep cuts, bumps and bruises, broken bones, serious head injury and hot water may cause skin burns.

    So, how can I make our bath or shower time enjoyable and more comfortable avoiding these kinds of incidents and accidents? 

    Here are some important tips;

    1. We always focus on both, bath safety and shower safety must be your first priority while giving a shower to your little one. Your baby must be always under your supervision at all times.
    1. Use an anti-sleep mat inside and outside of shower area to prevent you from slipping with your little one.
    1. Install handholds bar if possible inside shower or bathtub for more control.
    1. As we mentioned already in the preparation phase, check the water temperature and use warm water no more than 120 F. 
    1. If you want to use a bath seat then read the full manufacture guide. However, injury experts do not recommend bath seats.

    Final words

    If you are still wondering on can a 1 year old take a shower? then my answer is Yes! you can give a shower to your one-year-old. If you prepare your little one for shower perfectly then your shower time gonna be fun and comfier.

    If you have some experience and knowledge to shower a baby, share with us so that others can learn something from you.


    How often should you shower a 1 year old?

    Exactly the same as a bath, your one-year-old baby doesn’t need more than two to three times per week shower.
    Daily showers dry out the baby’s soft skin, as your baby grows his/her skin will start to handle more frequent baths or showers.

    Can I shower with my one year old?

    Your baby is slippery, you are slippery and the floor too. There is a high-risk slip and getting injured so with proper planning and preparation you could shower with your one-year-old.
    At this point, you must consider all the bath and shower safety such as water shower pressure, water temperature, slippery food, room temperature, etc.

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