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Bathe baby once a week

First of all, it totally depends upon the age of the baby, as babies are grown they play lots outside, they get dirt and sweat. It means there is more likely you are going to give a bath more often than bathe baby once a week.

However, if you wish to bathe your baby once a week it is more beneficial for up to one year. It might reduce any kind of skin problem allergies that may lead to worse conditions like eczema. 

The Australian parenting website suggests that Two to three times a week is more than enough to keep your baby clean. If your baby really enjoys bathing, you can give him/her bathe once a week. Keep your baby’s genitals clean between baths using lukewarm water and cotton wool, more than this bath is harmful to the baby causing drying out the skin.

Apart from this, lots of children sites and experts suggest almost the same, your baby doesn’t need more bathing if you wash your baby’s genitals area especially diaper area. During the first year, two to three times a week is more than enough to keep your baby clean.

As we mentioned earlier, bathe baby once a week is totally determined by conditions and age. Once your baby starts to crawl and walk, he/she might get lots of dirt and sweat, and you might have to give baths to them more than once a week.

So, Let’s talk about different age group how often should we bath them

New-born Baby

Bathe baby once a week

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says we should give the first bath to a newborn after about 24 hours of the baby’s birth. Delaying on bathe might help breastfeeding, moisture skin, decrease the risk of hypothermia and hypoglycemia.

Stick on top and tail method or sponge bath until their umbilical cord stump falls off. Once you get to the home after the hospital, to bathe a newborn baby you will give one to two baths per week. However, you will be washing your baby’s genital part more often and a baby bathes once a week.

Up to 3 Months 

During these early months of your baby still, you need just one to two times per week to your baby. You can use a bathtub to bathe your baby while enjoying and playing with warm water. 

You could take your baby with you while taking a bath or shower, at this time the baby might be more slippery so you have to be extra cautious. 

Up to 6 Months

As your baby grows up, you might be thinking about changing your baby’s bath routine or frequency. Bear in mind your baby still doesn’t need more than one to two per week’s bath or maximum up to three times a week.

If your baby enjoys bath time you can give him/her more frequently and If you choose more than one to two per week then consider using baby soap not more than one to two times per week to avoid drying out the baby’s fragile and sensitive skin.

Up 12 Months

Once your baby becomes more mobile and starts to eat solid foods you may give a bath to your baby more frequently.

However, two to three times per week is still more than enough, if you wish to give soapy bathwater do not bath with soap baby bathwater more than one to two times per week.

Why bathe baby once a week?

To give bath to the baby more infrequently sounds odd, however, babies do not need to bathe more often as adults. Because they don’t get much dirt, sweat as compared to adults.

More importantly, giving a bath one to two times a week prevents the baby’s skin from drying out and worsening conditions like eczema. Wash your baby with mild, fragrance and dye-free soap, not more than one to two weeks per week especially with soap. 

Final words 

To bathe baby once a week is determined by various factors, especially age group if your baby is less than a year than once a week might be more beneficial.

However, you have to wash his/her genital area more often or keep clean all the time and more importantly consider to use bathe product very less.

According to various online sites, they recommend two to three times a week is more than enough to keep your little one clean. As they don’t get much dirt and sweat as compared to adults. 

So, how often do you think or you are giving a bath to your little one? Share your experience with us about bath babies once a week, how beneficial it is?


Is it ok to bathe baby every night?

For the first year one to two or two to three times a week is more than enough to keep your baby clean, and all the online sites, experts and doctors are also recommending the same to avoid drying out baby’s sensitive skin.
However, if you use clean lukewarm water to wash your baby before bedtime might help to sleep better.

How often should I bathe my 4 month old baby?

As your baby is growing, you might be thinking to change your baby’s bath frequency, however, bear in a mind your baby still needs two to three times bath per week.

How often should you bathe a 1 week old baby?

There is no need to give everyday bath to a one-week-old baby, tow to three times per week is sufficient to keep your baby clean.
Stick with sponge bath or top and tail methods until their umbilical cord stump falls off

How do you clean a newborn’s face?

Use a moistened clean cloth or cotton to wipe out to each eye, clean bridge of the nose and clean corner of the eyes.
Clean rest of the face with clean soft moist cloth or cotton without soap.

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