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Bath temperature for babies in summer

    We are all excited because summer is here with us, but for new parents or experienced parents always concerned about bath temperature for babies in summer that is pretty common.

    The real happiness while holding your baby in your arm comes with the best possible care. Especially as a new parent, there might be lots of questions about caring for and bathing your toddler.

    One of the common questions is what is the baby bath temperature in summer?

    In this article, we will be discussing everything about bathing care to your little one and one of the most popular questions that every parent would ask is what is the right bath temperature for babies in summer?

    Whether it is summer or winter baby bath water temperature must be always warm that is neither cold nor hot, technically it should be between 37-degree Celsius to 38-degree celsius, in Fahrenheit 98.6 degrees to 100.4 degrees.

    Bath time would be more fun and relaxing if only the bathwater temperature is just right. Hot bath water can easily burn your baby’s soft skin and leave dry that is why it is always to remember to check everything before giving a bath.

    Bath temperature for babies in summer

    What temperature is a cool bath for a baby?

    Baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate so it is very important to have just the right bath water temperature while giving a bath to your little one. Always bear in mind, your baby’s bath water should be warm neither cold nor hot since the baby’s skin is much thinner than yours.

    As we mentioned earlier, the best and recommended bath temperature is between 37-degree Celsius to 38-degree celsius which helps babies to keep calm and relax during bath time probably remind them of playing around inside the womb.

    Never turn on the tap while your baby is still in the bathtub. It may scald your baby, before slowly putting your baby in the tub make sure to mix hot and cold water well ensuring that there are no hot spots left. 

    For cool and comfortable bath temperature make sure to follow the guides about how to measure baby bath temperature which we will be covering down below soon.

    How to measure baby bath temperature?

    Bath times always tend to be fun even though there are plenty of safety tips that you must follow to keep your little one safe. In overall bath safety, bath water temperature is critical, since hot water can easily scald a little one in the blink of your eyes. 

    So, how to tell if bath water is too hot for a baby? 

    Here are some of the lists that are most common when it comes to measuring baby bath temperature and we have covered more in detail so that you can tell what is the right temperature for your baby while giving a bath either in summer or in the winter.

    • The most and easiest way to measure your baby’s bath water temperature is using your elbow. Believe me, this idea really helps you and you don’t even need any kind of measurement tools.
    • I have been using this method since my baby’s first bath. In this method, you will be using the warm or right temperature of the water using your elbow instead of your hand so that you can feel a more accurate temperature of the water.
    • Another best way to measure bath temperature is by using a thermometer, and you can afford it at a very low price. You can use the thermometer for your assurance, however, always best to double-check with your wrist or elbow for more accuracy. 


    As long as you keep your baby’s bathwater right temperature that is between 37 to 38-degree celsius your baby will be safe and comfortable during the bath, you don’t have to worry too much about it.

    For the first time and the beginning giving bath to babies little bit scary and stressful however as your baby grows day by day you will become an expert on it so that be patient and keep motivating yourself with the help of your little one smile. 

    If your baby has extra special skin to care such as more dry than normal or has skin rash like eczema best practise is always to seek advice from a paediatrician. 

    What temperature should a baby’s bath be in hot weather?

    Either hot or cold weather, baby bath always should be relaxing and comfy so that bath water temperature should be between 37 to 38 degree Celcius.

    Use a thermometer to measure the accurate temperature if you do not sure about it, make sure to check with your elbow and it should feel warm.

    What temperature is safe to take a baby outside in summer?

    You can take your baby outside when it is very hot or over 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Bear in mind baby can not sweat and can not cool him/herself so always keep on an eye when you take your baby outside as he/she gets dehydrate quickly and get heatstroke.

    What is considered a safe water temperature for a bath?

    A safe water temperature bath for a baby is between 37 to 38-degree Celcius and it should be warm neither cold nor hot make sure to use your elbow to double confirmation.

    What temperature should a baby bath be in Celsius?

    It is between 37 to 38 degree however, make sure before starting giving bath to your little one heat up your room to make warm and comfy.

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