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Baby’s room too hot in summer

How do you tell that your baby’s room too hot in summer?

Your baby needs neither cold nor hot temperature at all times, it is exactly the same while you are giving bath to your little one using warm water neither cold nor hot. 

Summer is one of the most exciting and challenging seasons when it comes to taking care of babies. You don’t want your little one to get too hot. If your baby is overheating, he/she feels uncomfortable, may feel hard to sleep and get heat rash.

So, what room temperature is too hot for a baby?

You have to keep your home safe, cool and comfortable at all times if you have a baby at your home. 

The guide recommended that babies should sleep just in nappy or nappy and vest over 27-degree celsius. 

Recommended room temperature is 20 to 22.02-degree Celsius which is 68 to 72-degree Fahrenheit especially when you perfectly dressed your baby, to feel cool and comfortable.

There are plenty of ways that you can keep your home and your baby’s room cool and comfortable. 

Baby's room too hot in summer

How to know your baby is hot

It is important to know about overheating due to hot room temperature in summer, every baby is different however, you need to check your baby quite regularly if he/she gets too hot.

If your baby is hot that means restless, it leads your baby him/herself to have less sleep and less sleep for you as well. The normal temperature of the body needs to be 36.4-degree celsius and overheating and fever in babies is considered to be 38-degree celsius or above.

So how can we check whether your baby is overheating? By touching his/her neck and ears could be the easiest way. If your baby’s neck is sweaty and your ear is red and hot that means he/she is too warm to prevent this cool down in the room and dress lightly as soon as possible. 

Overheating Signs

As we mentioned earlier every baby is different so the best way to know your baby whether he/she is too hot is to keep checking regularly.

Here are some signs of an overheating baby you may find if your baby is feeling too hot.

  • They might not sweat while they have a fever.
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • They feel warm to touch and their skin is red.
  • Your baby is vomiting and unresponsive

How to maintain ideal room temperature

In the summertime, if you have a baby at home, you need to maintain or keep your baby cool in day and night for the safety purpose. 

Once you maintain your baby’s room temperature, you have to maintain your baby’s body temperature as well.

We will discuss more in-depth about how to keep your baby’s room and your baby.

Here are some tips that could possibly help you to keep your room temperature cool at all times during day and night.

  • The best way to keep your baby’s room cool firstly monitors the room temperature. So, keep a thermometer and keep an eye on it.
  • During the day time make sure that your baby’s cot or basket is not placed directly against the sunlight.
  • Formula-fed baby should offer cooled boiled water in hot conditions whereas, a breastfed baby doesn’t need as breast milk is hydrating as water. So, find the best and right way to increase fluids in your baby in hot condition if you are feeding formula to your little one.
  • If you are travelling a long distance by car and your baby is in the car seat stop frequently to get fresh air.
  • Using a fan but not directly to the baby instead of facing the wall or to the ceiling. Besides this, placing cold freezing water in front of the fan helps to reduce the temperature of the room quickly.  
  • In the daytime do not allow sunlight to your baby’s room, open your window fully but keep your curtain close so that fresh air might help your room to keep cool.
  • Frequent cooler baths in summer also help to keep your baby cool in heat conditions.
  • Keep checking your baby’s tummy, back and neck for the most accurate idea about your baby’s body temperature. 

Final Words 

Since your baby can not regulate his/her body temperature by themselves, you have to be more cautious all the time during the hot condition, especially in the summer. 

Keep your baby and baby’s room always cool, if you are not sure about the temperature, use a thermometer to monitor your baby’s room temperature and maintain accordingly.

Have I missed something?

Share your tips and tricks on how you keep your baby’s room cool in summer, so that others can learn something from you.

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