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Baby Drank bath water

This is pretty much a very bad experience that every parent is worried about. Most of the babies enjoy drinking bathing water and most people say that it is not harmful too, but you have to always try to discourage it. 

It needs extra high supervision to take care of your baby while bathing to avoid drowning, falling in the ground and drinking bathwater. Amongst all these problems drinking bath water is one of the most common problems that people are reporting.

Bathwater is not a good idea to drink, it mixes up soap, dirt, pee, dead skin cells, bacteria and germs.

If your baby drank bath water or some sips may not affect it, but if your baby got some fever or felt sick then seek medical assistance as soon as possible, there is nothing to be afraid your baby will be fine.

It seems like completely strange behaviour to drink bathwater, pee in the bathwater could be minor but pooing in the bath is completely insane and possibly harms the baby’s health so it needs to be clean and drain. 

Baby drank bath water

Is it OK for a baby to drink bathwater?

First of all, why should a baby drink bathwater? There is no good reason to drink the bathwater. So try to avoid drinking bath water while bathing your baby. 

If in case the baby drank bath water then there is nothing to be serious and it doesn’t harm them but always discourages them not to drink the bathwater. 

Drinking peed and dirty water while bathing is not dangerous but tummy may upset if it contains soap.

Why do babies drink bathwater?

Bathwater definitely doesn’t taste good, it is full of soap, might be baby’s pee, dead skin, gems and many more. This type of water might be harmful to babies and they might get sick.

By tasting, touching and feeling, this is how babies learn about the environment. They do not know there is some different kind of water we should not be drinking. 

How to stop Drinking bath water?

Parents are complaining that babies are always interested in drinking bathwater. As we said earlier, tasting bathwater is a learning process with the environment. At the beginning you should deal with it calmly, there is nothing to do with shouting, scolding your babies and making big dramas.

Tell them firmly what is bathwater and why you should not drink it, to do this you have to be always engaged with your babies while bathing. 

Ask your baby whether he/she is thirsty then give them water before starting to bathe. It might reduce drinking water while bathing and might know how drinking water is different from bathing water.

Final Words

As we know that baby drinking bathwater is not dangerous, however bathing water is always mixed up with dirt, soap, germs, dead skin and more. Tasting this kind of water seems pretty strange and unbelievable.

Always encourage your child not to drink bathwater hence it contains a huge amount of soap that might affect your baby’s tummy and a resulting diarrhoea.

If you think your baby’s condition is beyond your control, seek medical advice as soon as possible to avoid possible danger. Safety is always a high priority that we should consider at all times.


After a mass researches, we can conclude that drinking bathwater is not a serious matter however it sounds pretty dirty and strange. So the best way to avoid drinking bath water while bathing your baby, discourage them at all time calmly.

It might harm if there is too much soap in the water if your baby felt something different than the normal always seek medical advice.

Do you have any kind of experiences whether it is good or bad, share your knowledge with us. What exactly you had done to deal with while your baby drank bath water and how your baby had responded.

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