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Are baby bathtubs necessary?

    I have found this question and many people are looking for the right answer, are baby bathtubs necessary? Baby needs a bath or shower if he/she is under one year two to three times per week, and if they are more than one year old you could bathe him/her more frequently as a baby skin can adjust. 

    So, to give a bath to a baby, are baby bathtubs necessary?

    Honestly saying there could be both answers YES and NO. Why yes and why no, we will cover more depth in the following paragraph so that you can decide if you need a baby bathtub or you don’t.

    If you are a new parent and don’t have much experience about giving a bath to a baby, Yes it might be nice to have an appropriate baby bathtub. This is the tool that may make life easier by enabling your both hands-free so that you could have more control over your baby while giving a bath to him/her.

    While I was doing research on this question, I have found some interesting facts as well, do you know what?

    Some parents never use the bathtub to bathe their little one, from that research we can say that bathtubs are not necessary at all. The plastic bathtub seems like big and might take lots of spaces at home and If you decide not to buy bathtub it is not a bad idea I would say because there are plenty of ways you can give a safe bath to your baby such as in the kitchen sink, big bucket, regular bathtub or even in the shower etc. 

    We will cover more about why we need a bathtub, and baby bathtub alternatives so that you could decide why you don’t need a baby bathtub. 

    Why are baby bathtubs necessary?

    Many parents choose bathtubs over alternative bath aids such as kitchen sink, regular big bathtub and shower.

    New parents get the fear of accidents to use those types of bath aids for the first time and the kitchen sink might be a less hygienic place at home as well. So, for a more caring point of view bathtubs would be the best idea to give a bath to your baby safely.

    If your baby is just a few weeks older then he/she doesn’t get too dirty. They stay sufficiently clean except pooty and food mishaps. They don’t need much more bath time than just a wash with lukewarm water so that baby bathtub could be the easiest option to give peace of mind and it is fairly inexpensive too. 

    There are many types of bathtub you could get in the market some are made to fit in the kitchen sink and some are for big regular bathtub. One of the best advantages of a baby bathtub is your baby won’t slip from your body, and your baby head will always be above the water level since some baby bathtubs are made with headrest parts.  

    In this digital world, we could get baby bathtubs with a digital thermometer fitted which allows us to read an accurate water temperature for the baby that is 37 degrees to 38-degree celsius. It comes with a side wall drain that allows to drain dirty water but it might be a little expensive.

    However, you could compare prices online for the best for you according to your budget. 

    A baby bathtub would be extremely helpful for who had cesarean by preventing lots of hassles, bending and squatting. It is important to prepare in advance to give a bath to a newborn with a peaceful mind.

    Before Buying

    It’s a quick heads up about baby bathtub buying guide so that you don’t have to end up wasting your time and money on an unnecessary bathtub.

    If you decide to buy a baby bathtub then you could get plenty of bathtubs in the market but always bear in mind while buying that it should be suitable for babies as well as safe and comfy. 

    Expensive bathtubs won’t be always best so before buying your choice bathtub do your own research and read reviews of other customers as well that might definitely help you a lot.

    Are baby bathtubs necessary

    Why aren’t baby bathtubs necessary?

    As we mentioned earlier bathtubs need lots of space at home if you have less space at home and you don’t want to buy unnecessary things you could do so. 

    But bathing a baby is always a challenge especially for the new parents and this task could be more complex without the help of a bathtub. Some parents use the kitchen sink but it is totally their own risk. 

    For baby baths it is important to have a safe and hygienic place.

    For the first few weeks, your baby doesn’t get too dirty. He/she needs only good wash with warm water which you could do without a bathtub easily onto your lap or on the towel. At this time, if you ask your partner help it would be more beneficial. Gather all the stuff you need such as clothes, nappy, cotton, warm water in a bucket. Use clean cotton and wipes down with warm water.

    There are plenty of other ways to bathe your baby kitchen sink, regular big bathtub and even shower too but all is at your own risk, these methods are also known as bathtub alternatives


    Many parents already understand that baby bathtubs are not necessary, however, new parents and who had cesarean, for those parents bathtubs could be the best aids while giving a bath to their little one. 

    Bathtub allows both hands-free so that you have more control over your baby and it reduces extra hassles, bending, stretching and squatting. 

    It provides more security and prevents your baby slip from your hand. However, it doesn’t substitute the bath safety guideline so that your supervision must be at all times.


    Do you really need an infant bathtub?

    NO! You don’t need an infant bathtub, you can simply place your baby on your lap or on the towel. Once he/she becomes more mobile, stable and sits on their own. You could switch to a regular bathtub.
    If you don’t want more hassles, extra movement, bend, stretching and squatting and have a cesarean then best to have a bathtub

    How long do you use a baby bathtub?

    If your baby has sensitive skin 5 to 10 minutes long is more than enough a bathtub time. 
    For the first 4 to 6 weeks, ‘top and tail’ would be beneficial, it means you are focusing on the areas that really need to be washed. Use cotton wool and warm water to wash the baby’s eyes, face, and genital areas.

    What are the alternatives to baby bathtubs?

    Anything that holds water could be the bathtubs for babies since newborn babies are very small. Kitchen sink, regular bathtubs and a big bucket that all might already be at your home could be the right one, whenever your baby outgrows you can easily use one of these as the alternatives of bathtubs.

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