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About Us

Welcome to the Mini Baby Care, All contents here are the top of line, and we are delighted to share our knowledge and experiences. You will be able to know and learn about how to take care of your baby especially while bathing and what activities you should do outside in order to grow your baby to the fullest. 

We are not limited in providing information about bathing, indoor and outdoor activities for babies but also provide factual guidance about buying guides, which might help you to take care of your babies more positively and effectively. 

Buying stuff for babies is very tricky, and you have to know ins and out before finalising your deal. We will be taking through a very deep level of product research along with pros and cons to finalise your deal.

This site covers a wide range of topics including indoor and outdoor activities of babies, baby bath safety, baby bath accessories, baby bathing ideas and many more.

We will share the best knowledge and information about how you take care of your baby with the fullest.

Faces behind the Minibabycare

How to store baby bathtub?

I am a husband of a beautiful wife and the father of a wonderful son. This blog covers everything we have learned through our parenting journey, and we share experiences regarding baby care, bathing ideas, and indoor-outdoor activities.

As a job description, I am a full-time worker on weekdays, a full-time house-husband on the weekend, and tends to be a part-time blogger at night.

How it all started

After blessing a new family member at our home, there was a massive challenge about taking care of him. Every time we start to google whenever the doubts arose. Still, we hardly solved our problem because to find out specific answers, we had to visit many sites and read a big bunch of articles, which was irrelevant primarily.

To hit the specific query without guffing too much, we started to write posts based on our research and experiences so that others can get straight ideas about their problem without wasting time.


We are continually working on providing advance and factual information about taking care of babies and buying guides on stuff that might be needed for your baby. is launching a huge variety in the coming days so stay connected with us.

Contact us

If you have any queries regarding our contents or if you want to say something to us door is always open, contact us via contact us form.